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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is one of the toughest jobs/tasks for most homeowners. Although most people take on vacuuming, this doesn’t solve all carpet woes as some stains are too stubborn for a regular vacuum cleaner. It is for this reason (and more) that many people prefer calling carpet cleaning experts to help with the job. These experts not only handle domestic carpet cleaning tasks but also take on commercial cleaning needs as well. One of the main advantages of hiring a professional carpet cleaner is that he/she understands how to tackle various forms of dirt and stains – hence deliver quality results.

These experts use various cleaning methods to ensure they not only remove the dirt and stains but also protect carpet fibers from damage. Some of the most commonly adopted carpet cleaning methods are discussed below.

1. Host Carpet Cleaning: This cleaning method involves using an absorbent compound to help extract dirt and soil from carpet fibers. The carpet however needs to be vacuumed first to get rid of excess dirt and animal tissue, after which the wet absorbed compound sprayed all around the rug. host carpet cleaningThe compound works by breaking down dirt molecules hence removing them from carpet fibers. After several minutes, the carpet is then vacuumed up again leaving it spotlessly clean.

2. Dry Cleaning: This is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods today. It involves using a detergent or cleaning solution that breaks down dirt and soil then using a buffing machine with an absorbent pad to soak up all the dirt. The cleaners however have to run the buffing machine with a different pad severally until the carpet surface is clean. This cleaning method is however not recommended for heavily soiled carpets.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning method

3. Encapsulation: Encapsulation carpet cleaning method is mostly adopted in office setups with carpets running through rooms. This method involves using a special machine and an encapsulating solution to clean the carpets. This method works in an almost similar way as dry cleaning, only that the encapsulation solution traps breaks down and traps dirt into crystals. The machine is then used to agitate the solution to seep deep into carpet fibers for a more efficient job. This leaves your carpet looking cleaner and fresh.

4. Steam Cleaning: Also known as hot water extraction, this method is one of the most efficient and recommended methods for cleaning carpets, especially in residential areas. This is because the cleaning method uses detergents that help break down dirt particles and then use pressurized hot water to rinse the carpets. This not only ensures a clean job but also helps kill vermin and any other microbes hiding between carpet fibers. Once the cleanup job is done, the carpet cleaners use an industrial quality hot water extraction vacuum to remove all water and moisture from the carpets instantly. Steam cleaning is however regulated depending on the quality of carpet fibers at hand.

If you are tired of having to vacuum your carpet now and then leaving glaring stains on the carpet, you should then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. These experts will get the work done professionally and in no time.